Characteristics of ASTM A890 CD4MCu and application of castings

Characteristics of ASTM A890 CD4MCu and application of castings

ASTM A890 CD4MCu is a Fe-Cr-Ni-Cu-Mo alloy with ferrite and austenite dual phase structure. The combination of medium strength and hardness with good ductility and impact properties makes the alloy has better wear resistance Resistance or corrosion resistance.

Compared with standard stainless steel, CD4MCu has better resistance to stress corrosion cracking and less pitting corrosion. It has higher strength and is therefore more durable.

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CD4MCu features

Corrosion and pitting resistance

More suitable for abrasive applications

Stronger than standard stainless steel

Improve ductility and solderability

Better resistance to brittleness


Excellent corrosion and wear properties make CD4MCU ideal for various applications in these industries:


Industrial process


Petroleum and natural gas



Paper and pulp

City level

food processing