About us

Our company is the sand casting (resin process), shell casting (Soated Sand process), (silica sol) professional manufacturers, strong technical force, testing equipment, testing skills. With product design, mold production, casting, machining, heat treatment of one-stop production and processing system. With the detection of casting composition direct reading spectrometer. Can be in accordance with the requirements of the user to cast a variety of metal materials of the rough pieces, processing all kinds of finished parts. Design production capacity of 7000 tons / year, and has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.

The current production of nearly 10000 varieties, casting weight from 8 grams to tens of kilograms, sand castings by various castings 2 kilograms to 3 tons.

Our company leading products have three categories:

First, mainly metallurgical products: casting wear-resistant and heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloy casting parts: charging basket, tray, grate, grate box, chain plate, bottom stick, tray, track, gate, guard plate, middle beam, Bu Jinliang, the guide assembly and accessories series, high speed wire rod rolling machine parts etc..

Two, the power products are: casting wear-resistant alloy pipe, boiler tube, energy efficient pump, slag, slag machine, power plant with all kinds of heat-resistant and wear-resistant components such as burner nozzle, etc..

Three, petrochemical products mainly are: all kinds of casting alloy corrosion pump, fluorine alloy pump, such as various types of paper pulp pump, anti-corrosion pump, chemical process pumps, liquid pumps, self-priming pump, duplex stainless steel and all kinds of valves, three elbow, flange etc..

Product surface roughness and material quality control to meet the requirements of the national standard.

Company's products are widely used in transport, mining metallurgy, construction machinery, medical equipment, electric power equipment and other industries, the products sell well in more than and 10 provinces and cities in china. Welcome friends from home and abroad to our company site visits, in a variety of forms of cooperation.

Company aim: to the customer as the center, continuous improvement of product quality, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction.